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Rainbow Mandala 2 Art Print


Rainbow Mandala ll’ is a minimalist art piece that will add a splash of color to your blank walls. Mandala, the Sanskrit term meaning “Circles,” is commonly used to signify a spiritual journey. This design takes on the appearance of a gorgeous flower when combined with the powerful symbolism of the seven hues of the rainbow.



  • SKU: 10021
  • Colors Series
  • Made in USA
  • Gicl?e printed on archival grade cotton paper

  • Frames made in the USA especially for Sojourner Sage
  • Molding measures 2″
  • Glass insert
  • Size of framed prints with mat:
    • 8″x10″ print comes with with 2″ mat and 12″x14″ frame
    • 11″x14″ print comes with 3″ mat and 17×20 frame
    • 16″x20″ print comes with 3″ mat and 16″x20 frame

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