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Feather 2 Art Print


Feathers can have a variety of connotations, but they have always been connected with freedom, transcendence, and communion with spiritual realms. “Feather I” depicts the vibrancy and uniqueness of nature, emphasizing on the nuances, patterns, and color of a feather.



  • SKU: 10057
  • Eggs and Feathers Series
  • Made in USA
  • Gicl?e printed on archival grade cotton paper

  • Frames made in the USA especially for Sojourner Sage
  • Molding measures 2″
  • Glass insert
  • Size of framed prints with mat:
    • 8″x10″ print comes with with 2″ mat and 12″x14″ frame
    • 11″x14″ print comes with 3″ mat and 17×20 frame
    • 16″x20″ print comes with 3″ mat and 16″x20 frame

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