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We All Need Inspired

Sojourner Sage is a design-led lifestyle and home décor brand that sells wall art, candles, and home textiles that are influenced by history and cultures from around the world.

Our mission is to inspire and empower the hell out of people through globally inspired designs and the beautiful words of history’s sages.

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Mass Empowerment over Mass Production

Sojourner Sage is a socially conscious brand with an emphasis on sustainable and environmentally friendly produced items that have small carbon footprints but are still high quality. 

We work with small manufacturers who are good stewards in their communities, and it’s our goal to only working with companies that provide living wages for their employees.

As our products feature designs from different cultures and peoples, Sojourner Sage is careful to recognize the value of these important races and identities. Our aim is never to appropriate a culture, rather appreciate and celebrate its uniqueness and history.

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Is Sojourner Real?

Sojourner isn’t a real person, although we kind of like to think she is. She’s an amalgamation of all the strong women we’ve met in our travels around the world. The aunties, the abuelas, the nanas, and the sœurs who have taught us, inspired us, and showed us how to love and to dream.

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There really is a Sage, though

Amanda L. Sage founded Sojourner Sage in 2021 after years of making pretty things, first with crayons and fabric, then with her computer as a graphic designer and a marketing consultant, and now through her unique home décor products.

Working with an international team of artists and designers, plus American-based, small-scale manufacturers, we are based in Columbus, Ohio.

Sojourner Sage is a certified Woman Owned Small Business.